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Creeping to a Studio Near You!!

It's our favorite time of year!! No, it's not the PSL's, or the fact that the boots can come out of the closet-it's because it's SPOOKY SEASON! And to celebrate, I'm offering my very first set of Halloween Special Sessions!

We've been collecting spooky backdrops over the years, some for filming Nightmare Hollow shorts for TBA Theatre, some for Famous Monster Fighter's YouTUbe channel and I have wanted to do Halloween sessions for a while. So, I am super excited for these.

There are 4 different backdrops: The Haunted Graveyard (above), the Haunted Castle, the Haunted Forest and Evil Clowns.

We'll have stage blood on hand as well as some help with hair and makeup (limited, not full service)

I'm so excited to offer these sessions and can't wait to see what kind of monsters it draws!! Give me a scream if you want to book your session!

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